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10 Users Responsed To " Creative Coca-Cola Bottle and Can Designs "

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rsmtico said,

10-9-2009 in 13:08:34 at    

Very very artistic.


DanielthePoet said,

10-17-2009 in 04:57:24 at    

That first bottle is amazing. I would LOVE to have that sitting on a shelf somewhere. The second pic is pretty cool too. Once you get into the plastic bottles, I’ve lost all interest. It’s glass or nothing for me.


bobby sandhu said,

4-8-2010 in 16:17:52 at    

My.. now that Red maize Coke bottle is an awesome idea… what a way of showing creativity.. delightful.


mkamranfzl said,

12-7-2010 in 05:31:59 at    

these are really really nice!
Very Attractive things!


thejdawg said,

3-1-2011 in 21:30:29 at    

Those are some excellent designs. Since I am a huge Coke drinker, I would love to see some of those. I love the red maze design.


Uniqueartistlula said,

1-25-2012 in 15:51:15 at    

I love the art on the cola bottles. Very excellent!


Tiny said,

1-28-2012 in 00:52:03 at    

The bottles look awesome!!!
People… they are so creative.


saejal said,

3-12-2012 in 07:20:22 at    

the 10 bottle is very ossam


naman said,

3-12-2012 in 07:21:36 at    

ya its nice


saejal said,

3-12-2012 in 07:23:34 at    

the tenth bottle is very nice.

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